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Build for Web3


We use industry leading gas optimization in our contracts to save you money on gas with every deployment.


All of our contracts have been thoroughly vetted by cyber security specialists. All of our contracts will come with professional audit reports in the near future.


Protect your private keys and wallets by using our all in one dashboard that allows you to deploy directly to the network.

Pre-Built Contracts

Start with our pre-built contracts and customize to your exact needs. New contract types added weekly.


Launch your own NFT collection to the blockchain


Launch your own custom Token to the blockchain


Launch your own staking contract to the blockchain

Low Gas NFTs

Drop an NFT collection that uses extreme gas optimizations for bulk mints.

Free Mint

Launch your own free-to-mint NFT collection to the blockchain

Fungible NFTs

Drop an NFT collection that uses the same information and images across the entire collection


Create an auction contract for your NFT Collection

Liquidity Pool

Release your own custom liquidity pool token

Multi-Chain Support

We support most of the major EVM chains with more on the way

The Only No Code Solution


Fill in our intuitive contract inputs with your details. We give you a brief description of each input so you will know what to put in each box.


Add advanced configurations to your contract to customize it to your exact needs. You get to decide what you want and what you don’t. Millions of possibilities.


Once you’re satisfied with all of your contract configuration you can choose to copy your contract code. 


Once you’ve made all the changes you can deploy directly to the network through our platform. We also include automatic contract verification within our deployment process.

Advanced Contract Setups

Other launchpads are extremely limited. We incorporate mechanisms and functions that allow both the most simple and most advanced types of contracts to be generated all from one easy to use dashboard.

Industry Leading Integrations

Our platform has integrations built in to allow you to access it from almost any type of wallet and connectors to the network.

All-In-One Solution

Save time, money and protect your security by using our platform for your smart contract development needs.

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