Base L2 Network Integration

Base L2 Network Integration

Base L2 Network

One of the biggest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase, just unveiled Base, its own Layer 2 blockchain. Base is an Ethereum L2 that intends to attract the following billion consumers to the web3 by being secure, affordable, and developer-friendly. The platform is still in the testnet phase, but because of its distinctive attributes and capabilities, interest has already been generated. The base platform’s connection with Launchifi’s platform is an exciting development. The capabilities and advantages of Base will be discussed in this blog post, along with how Launchifi’s integration can help both Base and Launchifi users.


The security and scalability needed to support decentralized apps are integrated into Base (dapps). It takes advantage of Ethereum’s inherent security and permits onramps into Base from Coinbase, Ethereum L1, and other cooperating chains. Being based on the open-source OP Stack from Optimist, Base is one of the most reliable and scalable EVM L2s out there. A “superchain” of L2s that share interoperability, sequencing, and governance will be built on top of the open-source public good known as the OP Stack. Base was developed inside of Coinbase and intends to become increasingly decentralized in the coming years.

Key Benefits

Using Base is inexpensive, which is one of its key benefits. With its rollup architecture, the EVM environment can be obtained by consumers for a small fraction of the price. Moreover, Base provides early access to Ethereum technologies like smart contract wallets, the Account Abstraction (ERC4337) protocol, and simple developer APIs for gasless transactions. The EVM equivalence of Basic makes sure that all of the user’s code, resources, and infrastructure work out of the box, without requiring any code changes.

To make Base the simple way for dapps to access Coinbase’s products, users, and assets, Coinbase is utilizing its user base and ecosystem. Base customers can take advantage of Coinbase’s simple fiat onramps and development tools, which make it simple to build on Base. The spread of Coinbase, which has $80 billion in assets and 110 million verified users, is a big benefit for dapps created on Base.

Launchifi with Base

Let’s now investigate Base’s interaction with the Launchifi platform. Users can deploy smart contracts using Launchifi’s platform with no programming. A growing number of the major EVM chains are supported by Launchifi. Among other things, users can start their own NFT collections, custom tokens, staking contracts, and liquidity pool tokens.

For users of Base and Launchifi alike, the integration of Base with their platforms has many advantages. Users of Launchifi, for instance, can benefit from Base’s inexpensive and safe infrastructure. Users can also take advantage of Coinbase’s simple fiat onramps to get started with web3. Basic users may deploy their smart contracts using Launchifi’s platform with 0 coding, making the launch of their dapps simpler. Users of Launchifi’s Base can save money on gas with each deployment because to its industry-leading gas optimization. Users of Base have a wonderful starting point with Launchifi’s pre-built contracts, which they can then modify to suit their unique requirements.


In conclusion, the web3 ecosystem is excited about Base’s integration with Launchifi’s platform. Base has many advantages, including affordability, scalability, and security, and its combination with Launchifi’s platform gives users even more options. Together, they make it simpler for anyone to start using web3 and to easily release their own dapps.

Telos L1 Network Partnership

Telos L1 Network Partnership

What is Telos?

High-performance transactions and decentralized apps are made possible by the fast, secure, and decentralized Telos blockchain network. It offers a variety of special advantages and characteristics, including as high levels of scalability, minimal transaction costs, and quick confirmation times. Smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts recorded on the blockchain that autonomously enforce an agreement’s terms, are also supported in their development and deployment.

How does Launchifi Benefit Telos?

With the help of Launchifi, users can easily launch anything on the blockchain. With multi-chain compatibility, it enables customers to immediately deploy their own smart contracts using the platform’s dashboard. Users of Launchifi can create their own custom contracts or modify pre-built ones, such as NFT collections, custom tokens, staking contracts, auctions, etc. Moreover, Launchifi uses market-leading gas optimization to reduce users’ gas costs with each deployment.

What Does This Partnership Hold?

Telos and Launchifi together offer the perfect ecosystem for programmers and business owners wishing to create and implement decentralized applications and smart contracts. Launchifi provides a no-code platform that makes it simple to create and maintain smart contracts, while Telos offers a quick, secure, and scalable blockchain network that can support a variety of use cases. Users may easily create and deploy complex decentralized apps using Telos and Launchifi, while also taking advantage of the security and scalability of the Telos blockchain. Telos’ dedication to governance and community building also guarantees that developers and business owners may access a thriving ecosystem of like-minded people and organizations, further boosting innovation and growth in the decentralized space.


Telos and Launchifi provide the tools and resources you need to succeed in the blockchain sector, whether you are a veteran developer or a rookie entrepreneur. You can easily create and deploy safe, scalable, and highly functioning smart contracts and decentralized applications using Telos’ sophisticated features and Launchifi’s user-friendly platform. Why then wait? Start today by establishing Telos and Launchifi, and create the decentralized technology of the future!