ERC-721 NFTs Released

Release Notes

We are excited to announce the addition of the ERC-721 smart contract type to our platform as a member of the Launchifi team. The non-fungible token standard ERC-721, which is the foundation for NFTs worth billions of dollars on Ethereum, has developed into a key component of the Ethereum ecosystem. With ERC-721, it was simple to build tokens that could be tied to distinctive content, such as original artwork, music, or even footwear, and that were cryptographically and verifiably unique.

What is ERC-721?

Developers use the ERC-721 standard as a model or structure to write code that is simpler, more dependable, and more reusable. By following a widely-used standard like ERC-721, it provides for compatibility with a broad number of applications including exchanges, dapps, and wallets.


For Launchifi users, the introduction of ERC-721 on our platform has a number of advantages and use cases. First of all, ERC-721 permits the creation of distinct tokens that are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced by another token. This makes it ideal for producing and marketing distinctive digital products like music, artwork, and collectibles. The Launchifi platform makes it simple for artists and creators to produce, mint, and sell their digital goods, which can then be readily purchased and traded by collectors.

ERC-721 also has the advantage of enabling fractional ownership of certain assets. As a result, an NFT can be divided into smaller pieces, allowing many users to each possess a portion of a special asset. This creates chances for crowdfunding and joint ownership of special assets.


ERC-721 offers a safe and transparent method for transferring ownership of special assets. Each token is distinct and cannot be duplicated, enabling safe ownership transfer without the danger of fraud. Users of Launchifi can easily produce and sell their original digital assets while taking advantage of the advantages of the ERC-721 standard on our platform.


In conclusion, the ERC-721 smart contract type is an important addition to our platform that gives our users access to a wide range of possibilities. Users of Launchifi may easily profit from the advantages of the ERC-721 standard since they have the capacity to generate, mint, and trade distinctive digital assets as well as participate in fractional ownership and safe ownership transfers. We are interested in seeing how our users will use this new feature and the distinctive digital products that they will produce on our platform.

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