Launchifi Web3 Affiliate Program: Refer to Earn Passively as a Launchifi Affiliate Influencer


Hello, we are the Launchifi team. We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you. We have revamped our affiliate referral program to make it more lucrative than ever! We envision a future where our users are not just participants but contributors to our growth story.

Our Commitment:

From the very beginning, our objective with Launchifi has been clear – to provide a seamless, no-code launchpad for #web3, enabling our users to create, trade, and profit from smart contracts while keeping 100% of their proceeds.

Big Announcement:

Our new-and-improved affiliate referral program is an excellent opportunity for you to earn with us. Invite your friends, family, and professional connections to our no-code launchpad and earn on every mint transaction they make. Here’s the exciting part: you will earn while your connections still retain 100% of their proceeds. 

Getting Started:

Our affiliate referral program is easy to navigate and convenient to use:

  • Visit our launchpad ( or marketplace (
  • Connect with the wallet you wish to receive your referral payouts in.
  • Once connected, navigate to the account button in the upper right-hand corner. Here, you will find the ‘Refer a Friend’ option.
  • Simply click and share your unique referral link with your connections.
  • The moment any of them use this link and deploy an NFT contract, you’ll start earning 5% of our fees on every mint automatically.

Every time the wallet address connected with your referral link deploys a contract, you enjoy your referral benefits. The process is truly as simple as it sounds! 

Currently, fees are only enabled on our NFT smart contracts, however we will be introducing these to our other contracts in the very near future where you will continue to reap the benefits of your referrals.

Extra Perks:

We have incorporated a referral tracking system into your profile page on our Launchpad, allowing you to easily keep track of your earnings. So, you always have a clear view of your passive income stream. 

By becoming a Launchifi Affiliate, you not only open the door to a passive income stream but also help your connections discover the benefits of our Web3 platform. With so much to gain, what are you waiting for? Get started today, and let’s grow together! 🚀🚀 

Remember, every referral counts. Together, we can make Web3 accessible to all. Start referring and start earning today – because at Launchifi, we grow together.

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