Telos L1 Network Partnership

What is Telos?

High-performance transactions and decentralized apps are made possible by the fast, secure, and decentralized Telos blockchain network. It offers a variety of special advantages and characteristics, including as high levels of scalability, minimal transaction costs, and quick confirmation times. Smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts recorded on the blockchain that autonomously enforce an agreement’s terms, are also supported in their development and deployment.

How does Launchifi Benefit Telos?

With the help of Launchifi, users can easily launch anything on the blockchain. With multi-chain compatibility, it enables customers to immediately deploy their own smart contracts using the platform’s dashboard. Users of Launchifi can create their own custom contracts or modify pre-built ones, such as NFT collections, custom tokens, staking contracts, auctions, etc. Moreover, Launchifi uses market-leading gas optimization to reduce users’ gas costs with each deployment.

What Does This Partnership Hold?

Telos and Launchifi together offer the perfect ecosystem for programmers and business owners wishing to create and implement decentralized applications and smart contracts. Launchifi provides a no-code platform that makes it simple to create and maintain smart contracts, while Telos offers a quick, secure, and scalable blockchain network that can support a variety of use cases. Users may easily create and deploy complex decentralized apps using Telos and Launchifi, while also taking advantage of the security and scalability of the Telos blockchain. Telos’ dedication to governance and community building also guarantees that developers and business owners may access a thriving ecosystem of like-minded people and organizations, further boosting innovation and growth in the decentralized space.


Telos and Launchifi provide the tools and resources you need to succeed in the blockchain sector, whether you are a veteran developer or a rookie entrepreneur. You can easily create and deploy safe, scalable, and highly functioning smart contracts and decentralized applications using Telos’ sophisticated features and Launchifi’s user-friendly platform. Why then wait? Start today by establishing Telos and Launchifi, and create the decentralized technology of the future!

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